Rod (ruderod) wrote in antiwar,

A young man volunteers for the service of his country. An intelligent and noble man, he seeks no awards, and seeks no fame. He simply sees injustice, he sees lies. He exposes secrets that he believes should be known to the world. A thing that many have done and will continue to do. Is Bradley Manning a spy, did he sell secrets to the Russians? Probably not, he probably helped expose what he thought was worth exposing. But lets get it put to rest.

So good or bad, this young man needs to be tried in a court of law, not held INDEFINITELY for 211 days. It is called innocent until proven guilty, and everyone in the military and white house that has anything to do with this is showing the world that we in the USA don't do as we say, we don't practice what we preach.

Obviously the White House (and military) wants the world to forget wikileaks, and they want to wait it out. . . .when will we have a fair trial for this young man who served his country?

Give Bradley Manning his chance at trial, NOW. Innocent until proven guilty. This man is a decorated serviceman and deserves some respect.

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