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Theresa McDermott "Ach no, I'm not brave!"

Theresa McDermott, an Edinburgh postal worker, was a member of the Free Gaza Movement flotilla, attempting to deliver humanitarian aid materials and to highlight the illegality of Israel's blockade of Gaza. This is what she did on her holiday.

Last Monday, the Scottish ship and several others were seized on the high sea, and "escorted" to Israel. As part of this operation, Israeli commandos killed nine people on the Turkish aid vessel Mavi Marmara, shooting them at point-blank range.

Amongst the world's outcry, this action was immediately castigated in the baldest possible terms by The Elders, chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The Elders reiterated their condemnation of the illegal collective punishment of the Gazan people as "one of the world’s greatest human rights violations", and called on the UN to end the blockade.

Ms McDermott was violently abducted, held captive in Israel, refused consular assistance, repeatedly exposed to aggressive and public humiliation, and threatened with death.

She was released just in time to attend the funeral of her colleagues in Istanbul. Some of the people who were abducted are still being held, however. She's now back in Edinburgh, and spoke at Saturday's demonstration (5 June 2010).

Afterwards, I went up to her, and told her I think she's very brave. Her reply? "Ach no, I'm not brave!" I hope her colleagues at the Post Office give her a hero's welcome when she returns to work.

Meanwhile the Irish aid vessel Rachel Corrie was captured by the Israelis on Saturday. The people on board are presently being held incommunicado. And soon, a Jewish aid ship will set out for Gaza.

tl;dr? Enough is enough. Boycott Israel.

Say something. Think something. Write something. Feel something. Do something.

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