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The tax protest was fun and informative. I asked several people why they where there, what really has pissed them off. Most of them said the "stimulus". One man said they are creating an elite class, and a poor working class. . .we will end up with a slave/tyrant system. Another said that there is no way he could be convinced the US will ever get out of debt. . .he sounded like he was an accountant, he said the USA is 235 trillion in debt? Wow.

One old man told me that the tax rate during the time of the Boston Tea party was 13% percent. . . and then they tried to tax the tea! He also read to me some from the book "The federalist papers". I will have to try to get that book. Funny because I was pissed last week at the 9% fast food tax we have to pay now! It's ridiculous.
Another protestor had a sign for vicki weaver. She was a victim at ruby ridge:
Another sign read "My child is not an ATM". Another "Why even work?"

One ex-submariner said that the military should be cut back if it is wasteful, and that the constitution only provides for the "common defense" of
the country.


bigger versions of the photos:


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